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Re: Strategy and Aikido

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Yes it makes sense, however this is the very thought I am trying to resolve in my mind right now. Blending doesn't seem to resolve anything at all. Yes, you avoid the bull, but he is still "in the fight".

Also, what are the mechanics of the neutralization. That is, what are the standard conditions that must be in place for neutralization to be in effect?

Certainly irimi is an option, and a good one if you cannot handle the bull!

But are you really blending as you enter during or after the irimi, or is there something else going on?
A key principle of our Aikido is "The fight is over at the moment of contact." How we do this is with irimi. Should the uke wish to continue then we progress through a technique to it's end point. At every point in irimi/blending you are safe from harm and the uke is exposed...Our Hanmi/Stance and foot work are closer to Daito Ryu in concept then Aikido as though we were in Ken te Ken.We use a half step and keep our axis centered on the Uke's axis. So... continuing with the Bullfight anology the Bull will continue to try and attack but the Matadors position enables him to inflict damage and "tire" the bull out at the same time The more he bull tries to attack the swifter the resolution becomes...At every point of "blending" the Nage can strike or throw while the Uke cannot...

If you get the chance Kevin there are quite a few Youtube videos out now of Shoji Nishio Shihan and his students demonstrating the principles of "irimi/blending."

Every one of our "irimi's" starts with an Atemi in order to "take the ukes mind" and enter into the technique.... as Shoji Nishio has said another key principle of proper Aikido is to execute it with the rythem and flow of Atemi.

Over the years we've continue to try and modify and improve our Aikido so that it is effective against other Martial and Grappling Arts. Our "ground waza" still needs allot of work in my opinion but the Senior Yudansha are taking steps to understand the newer methods and improve our Aikido's effectiveness so we can preserve Aikido's relevance as a Martial Art.

I understand this may be an oversimplification but I am working on trying to articulate these concepts so that the reader my understand what the heck it is I am trying to describe. LOL

William Hazen
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