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Re: Baseline skillset

Abe admits holding back, so have many others whether -they- admit it or not. It is all too obvious that these skills were and are-rare in your art. How did that happen if they have been openly taught all this time? We have even been told to our faces to expect to have to steal them. That’s not just in other Asian arts, but yes…yours too.
Its not a distrust to simply look, see what is known but not being shown, and then call them on it.
I have been pointing it out for ten years
If we are wrong in our distrust, then I ask you why is it that your own teachers -like Ikeda- are now....only now...saying the same things. AND going outside the art to bring men in to show the skills missing?
It appears he doesn't agree with you either. I understand you are not interested in anyone's agreement as you stated. But your opinion doesn't alter the reality that these things are largely absent in the open teaching of your art.

……or to dissipate large amounts of kinetic energy directed at them. I would love for someone to propose a physical model for the "bounce" mechanism they describe that does not rely on angular momentum.
I don’t debate your mechanic and physics. I’ve no need. I can do things you admit you cannot do and now openly tell me I don’t understand how –I- do them.
Sometimes it’s a struggle to maintain my good nature….
I’ll be happy to continue teaching your adepts how to do what they admit they cannot do, while you tell me I don’t know what I’m doing. I find the work speaks for itself. And now I and these others training with me -from Aikido- will continue to experiment and improve -thier- Aikido.

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