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Re: Kenji Ushiro Sensei Seminar - May 2008

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Don't worry! I get being a newbie to some of this stuff. People ask me to describe what Mike and Dan and Akuzawa do...yeah right! I make a few fumbling attempts, and then give up.

But the Sanchin kata is actually something I can look up and then try to apply the principles I see Akuzawa and others using. Then maybe I can find out how far off base I am if I get my butt up there in October!

Its funny you say that Ron, after meeting Akuzawa, my understanding of sanchin has completely changed 180. No longer am I preforming sanchin with every muscle tensed and extremely heavy breathing. I began to understand why (in the isshinryu version at least), the feet are in the position you are in (spiraling outwards), and why the arms spiral inwards, why the hips are tucked in forwards etc, and why you have an opponent testing your structure via strikes and pressure.
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