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Re: "Internal" and "External"

How are two things different is a core question we have to ask. If two things are not different then why make a distinction? But before we can ask that question we have to examine something that will show us a difference. So the how is not important until we've established a "what". We have to establish what it is we are asking someone to do, so that we can distinguish a difference.

Two guys lift 200lbs. One fellow claims he has "IP" the other guy doesn't claim to have "IP". We can then examine the way they lift and see if there is a difference.

So it is important to compare some kind of work being done, that way we can know if there even is a difference at all. So what Kevin suggested:
Kevin leavitt wrote:
In the end if the goal is to move something, then the goal is to move something.
Is where we have to start, even if that's not what we are interested in ultimately, because it's only through this kind of "work done" that can we start to draw distinctions between two suggested differences.

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