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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Alfonso Adriasola wrote: View Post
Joseph Brown (I've met him too *gasp* ) has had quite a bit of exposure to the real deal. His stuff is Xing Yi pardon the spelling, I think it's rather unfortunate that yet another person trying to help here is being dismissed summarily. So you guys, have you met Joseph Brown, have you felt him? Can you therefore then assume he has no reason to say what he said?

Yeah, by all means go out and meet people.
I would love to meet Joseph Brown, if he is doing any seminars or anything like that in Japan, I would pay if he can help me reach my goals in bodyskill. I mean..if he is really that good. But if Sam Chin or Dan or Ark (all guys who some people say are not doing pure internal) can show me a method to help me reach my above-stated goals in the most efficient manner and can demonstrate those skills in a very high level (and people will say that they do possess those skills in spades), then I will study their methods even if what they do is not classified as "pure neijia" or "pure internal" as some people say.

I guess we are talking at cross-purposes here. In short, if you want to learn a neijia with someone who demonstrates the high potential of the art..go study with CXW or whatever. But if you want to study pure efficient movement like I do, then studying with Sam Chin or Dan or Ark will be good enough for me.

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