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Re: Aikido has no enemies

David Yap wrote: View Post
This is from AJ (except for the asterisk which I added) :

The founder of Aikido's concept of aiki strategy goes far beyond the dimension of psycho-physical confrontation. In an interview conducted in 1957, he expresses the concept in these words:

"It is not a question of either Sēn Sēn no Sēn' or Sēn no Sēn'. If I were to try to verbalize it I would say that you control your opponent without trying to control him. That is, the state of continuous victory. There isn't any question of winning over or losing to an opponent. In this sense, there is no opponent* in aikido. Even if you have an opponent, he becomes a part of you, a partner you control only."

* Muteki 無敵 -- invincible/there is no opponent

Compared to:

If you see a "lost friend" in the street who intends to cause you bodily harm and you do not have the skill to control him and divine techniques are not will realize (OMG) that it is a case of mistaken identity
Happy new year David. What's the confusion? A lost friend is not an enemy. He is merely my training partner. No need to control him but merely to join him in divinity.

If you don't have the skill and divine techniques are not forthcoming then you are not doing Aikido.

Regards. G.
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