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Casey Martinson
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Re: Breath, Aikido & Misogi

As for balancing blood pH, I might add that protein, especially animal protien (meat, dairy) has a very acidifying effect. I haven't read any of the "Balance your pH" diet books that are currently popular, but one consequence of overly acidic blood is a loss of bone density. Calcium is a natural antidote to high acidity, so in order to restore the appropriate pH balance, your body will draw calcium from the bones. This is not to say that such proteins are--from a nutritional perspective--bad, but they should be treated as very potent foods to be consumed in moderation. In general, Americans are not moderate in their consumption of meat or dairy. For more on this subject and healthy eating in general, I highly recommend Paul Pitchford's "Healing With Whole Foods". It is unbiased, comprehensive and extensively researched. Pitchford has a unique background in both nutritional science and traditional chinese medicine which allows readers to learn about food from eastern and western perspectives.
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