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James Young
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Re: Breath, Aikido & Misogi

Carlos Martin Ruedas Guevarra wrote:
Hi Mr. Dodkins, Why don't you try this site,, about cider vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar.
I'm glad that someone mentioned the health benefits connected with apple cider vinegar, i.e to make your blood less acidic. I remember once on a business trip that the president of one of our vendors in Japan was into healthful living and all that and on one occassion he gave us a glass of Pairogen C. It was quite an unusual drink to say the least and when I read the ingredients it was primarily apple cider vinegar along with some other natural ingredients. I was told it was good for my health, but I didn't know exactly what it was supposed to do for my health. From the above posts now I do understand. As a sidenote unfortunately I didn't experience any of the intended benefits at that time because I only drank it for a couple of times while I was visting that company and never became a regular, long-term user. It may be interesting to try it again and use it on a regular and long-term basis to see if it does provide any benefit.
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