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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Breath, Aikido & Misogi

Hi Mike You may have found what you were always looking for all those years in Shaun and Abe Sensei... have fun!

Hi Keith...I know we in the yosh don't go in much for ki and all that...but having spoken with Mike and Shaun over the years, I do believe that their approach holds quite a bit. For one, a much more grounded approach to the whole 'ki' debate. They have both influenced how I think about that stuff...even without hands on practice with them. Though I have to admit they would probably consider me personally such a lightweight if they felt my technique in person! Can't do the stuff they talk about...but I do think the language they use gives us a chance to open that door.

Ron (Shioda Kancho was ALL about kokyu rokyu...)

Ron Tisdale
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