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Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
Thank you Shaun, very interesting (without being wishy-washy!) I wonder if Jun would consider accepting one of Shuans submisions within the 'training' or 'spiritual' section outside the discussion board?

I am happy to see that the post generated some interest. My point, as in many of my posts is to try to clearly make a case that O-Sensei made quite a bit of sense to those who were willing to take the time outside of their mat training to look into and study what he was talking about. So many so-called teachers talk about O-Sensei as a "mystical" martial artist, and this is a true disservice to the real person and the real martial art of O-Sensei.

While I am flattered that someone would even suggest that I write an article to be considered for the main website, I feel that if one is interested in these subjects, they should seek out Abe Sensei, and Matsuoka Sensei, if there is ever an opportunity to do so. I am certainly willing and able to try to help make sense of it all, but although my grasp is a bit more than my ability, and it does allow me insight into these things, I feel more comfortable walking along side of those who may be interested, rather than leading them, for the time being.

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