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Re: Sagawa's Aiki

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just a few thoughts on the book;

in the book; towards the end of Sagawa's life; I found that part totally incredible.

We hear tell that the man was physically too weak to open a can or shut off the faucet...but could send men hurtling.

He himself said he was unable to do anything but throw men.

I find this dichotomy totally mindbending. How could these two types of 'strength' be so totally opposite? (/complementary/polar/yin/yang)
I recall reading that people with Parkinsons who practice a repetitive physical art (e.g. dance, aikido) don''t have problems on the practice floor that they have with their regular daily motions. Perhaps the pathways used for the repetitive actions are different .... I am sure some of our learned members can provide a better technical answer, but it doesn't sound that fantastical to me.

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