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Re: Sagawa's Aiki

just a few thoughts on the book;

in the book; towards the end of Sagawa's life; I found that part totally incredible.

We hear tell that the man was physically too weak to open a can or shut off the faucet...but could send men hurtling.

He himself said he was unable to do anything but throw men.

I find this dichotomy totally mindbending. How could these two types of 'strength' be so totally opposite? (/complementary/polar/yin/yang)

It seems that he completely renounced 'traditional strength' in favor over clear-strength/aiki. It seems that was a choice he made that that led him to be as strong as he was.

I cannot fathom how he could be so strong in one sense and so weak in another.

Or ....and I obviously don't know.... did he become like the... human antivirus...the 'anti-human' key to everybody else's lock...where he 'fit' and the 'fit' caused the other's body to do what it did. (not that I do know what it did).

I found the book utterly frustrating in that Kimura never does quite go beyond a certain distance in approaching the topic.

Sagawa's body sounds unlike anything else.

also: At Kimura's writing it sounds like he believed Aiki to have been invented (likely? possibly?) by Takeda and perfected by Sagawa. But is this the body method (shenfa) that they are talking about? Or the aiki technique itself? Are they to be distinguished? Either way; i am sure these two must have felt some CMA masters, no? Is the aiki of Sagawa-ha Daito Ryu completely different that that in CMA. All told; there is only one jin, right? Mustn't it be related.. or could it be completely alien.

No answers...only more questions.

p.s. was there a shift just now? anyone else feel that/

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