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Re: Sagawa's Aiki

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I find that pretty unique, though as you say, it seems consistent with CMA use of jin.
That is the point I'm making. It's the same point that certain others have been making. Although, aspects of what makes the aiki in Aikido unique, is well... "unique", the use of "neutralizing jin" as it is described in Aikido as "aiki", is not unique to Aikido, and is entirely consistent across the spectrum of Asian MA. IOW, it isn't some CMA "fad" tacked onto Aikido... It's just that sometimes, it's necessary to look from outside, in order to look in.

The problem is that, the idea of neutralizing has morphed into this concept of "blending harmoniously", which although technically accurate, has taken on an entirely different meaning to neutralizing by (subtly) inputting power into someone, to negate their power.

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