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More on Misogi

OK - In answer to your questions....

So if I read you correctly, there is a correlation to movement, sounds, and breath control?
Yes, most definitely. Of course, when you are relating this back to actual techniques things are a bit different. In the way that I explained the practices, it is strictly to improve your own breath control, activating kokyu within the body. to be able to ground this and join it into your techniques would be the next level.

It is an interesting aspect of breath and sounds having effect for Misogi practices, when they should be the actual catalyst for more effective technique in Aikido also?
I am not sure if I understand your question here. I think you are asking if correct breathing and sounds have an effect on techniques. My thoughts are "Yes, and no." Yes, in terms of breathing, and no in terms of the sounds - although, the sounds (in terms of the misogi practice) will have an effect on your breathing also. So, it could be said that indirectly it does have an effect.

Thanks for bringing this practice to light. I had the feeling when we did these practices in Aikido class it was in this direction, but no one had put an explanation together to explain why we do these things the way we do before I read this insightful peace.
My personal experience has been that many people talk about misogi in terms of "spirituality" or "metaphysical" or "Shinto." Most of the time, however, it is because they don't have a practical understanding of what O-Sensei wanted students to achieve with this very practice.

This would not be wrong, and these things were certainly a heavy influence of the origination of these in terms of the Founder incorporating them into daily aikido practice. However, this (to me) signifies more that he was looking for a way to accomplish the breath training, and found an impetus for it in "Kojiki." I don't think that he expected each and every one of us to have that level of understanding about its origins. However, it is important to understand the cultural context of the time - in that if he showed something that had its origins in ancient text, the populous would be that much more easily convinced of its importance. I think O-Sensei was out to have us incorporate Misogi into our training to practically enhance our own techniques, and thereby his aikido through the reputation of his senior students.

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