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Bruce Baker
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Movement, sounds, breath control

So if I read you correctly, there is a correlation to movement, sounds, and breath control?

Different sounds are more effective if used with the correct movements.

Different movements are more effective if used with correct sounds.

Being able to properly breath within the training of sounds, movement, and purifications enhances health?

So how come so many of these guys die before they are seventy, and drunken wino's live longer?

Just kidding ...

It really shouldn't matter if one person lives longer than another, but it become the quality of that life that is the difference.

It is an interesting aspect of breath and sounds having effect for Misogi practices, when they should be the actual catalyst for more effective technique in Aikido also?

Thanks for bringing this practice to light. I had the feeling when we did these practices in Aikido class it was in this direction, but no one had put an explanation together to explain why we do these things the way we do before I read this insightful peace.
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