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Question book containing 5th to 1st kyu syllabus?

Just a quick question.

Does anyone know if there exist a book that focuses on the Aikikai testing syllabus for 5th to 1st kyu?

As mentioned before, I used to practice TKD quite a few years ago, and there I had this excellent book by master Cho Won Sup, which contained the entire syllabus for 10th to 1st kup. The book was complete with drawings/photos of techniques, poomse(kata), lots on Korean language, etc. It was a great aid when practicing alone, as well as knowing exactly what to focus on when training toward tests, and what the different techniques was called.

Does there exist any similar book on Aikido, with the Aikikai syllabus? I am thinking of lists of what to train for on each test, names of techniques, descriptions, jo-Kata's, bokken, english translations of the japanese words(hoping for Norwegian would be too far-fetched) etc. Most preferably something with a similar structure as the TKD book described above.



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