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Mark Cochran
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Ive heard of a few instances were a mugger has used a needle to get his will. I think only in one instace was the needle actualy tainted and not just a bluff. You could probably use the same techniques aganst the needle that you would against a stabbing attack witha knife. Also even if the needle pentrates the skin the stopper has to be drepressed. Small comfort. O.k. how bout this. HIV can only survive out side the body for 12 to 24 hours. If I recall correctly. Secoundly it take a large injection of several hundred active viruses for HIV to take hold. Apperently one lone virus cannot do it alone. Plus you would bleed from the wound, the blood would push the viruse from you body. HIV is scary but you could defend your self aganst a needle. If worst come to worst keep some distace and use kick to the weapon hand. Then again you could simply say "yes sir here is my wallet" Tose it to him and run like hell. This is something a former DEA agent once told me. If the suspect doesn't kill you as soon as he pulls his weapon. Chances are he won't kill you. You all can debate the truth of that statement. Hope I was some help.

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