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Re: Budo and Buddhism

"If this is true, surely it shows that Buddhism accepts violence and war, and that even a priest could be a deadly soldier." There is an issue on your wording of "accepts violence and war". My understanding as a student that Buddhism sees no justification for killing anything. However, it recognizes that there may be situations where there is no choice. The person must, however, recognize the karmic implications of taking a life. Buddhism is based on reality-violence and war are realities. However, to say Buddhism accepts war and violence is inaccurate-it recognizes it is part of reality and does occur. To quote an old David Carradine (played a Buddhist monk) statement: To take the life of another does no one honor. (or something like that).

Although I found Terence Dukes book on the Bodhisattva Warriors interesting as well, some have called it and his credentials into question (I believe on E-Budo).
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