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Re: Ledyard at Aikido of Berkeley

Michael Young wrote:
I too wish I could be in Berkley this weekend.
If you were going to the seminar that would be bad as they are in Richmond. Besides I don't think Texas and Berkeley are a good match. They seem really mad at that other guy from Texas for some reason.

Janet Rosen wrote:
So don't be shy about checking out this seminar!
Just to add something to this. We have a bazillion organizations in the Bay Area and even our organiztions have divisions in them. For instance, multiple Iwama groups, three divisions in the CAA, plus countless others and I think we may even have Eastern region USAF of all things. Because of all the organizations I think people sometimes get nervous about attending functions outside of their organization.

Really you shouldn't be nervous, we're open, really, but in particular you shouldn't be on this one. Both George Ledyard and Kayla Feder from what I know of them are very open. You'll definitely be welcome.

I also second what everyone else has said.

George Ledyard wrote:
I will be down there again at the beginning of April at Aikido of Diablo Valley
For those of you who don't know ADV, they are in Concord and they have a biannual (usually) seminar schedule. What's unique about their seminars is that they are just enough off the beaten path that their seminars aren't filled to standing room only capacity. Plus, they bring in a surprising variety of people some of whom you won't see anywhere else in the Bay Area. So if you miss George Ledyard this time you'd do well to catch him at ADV.
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