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Arunabha Sengupta wrote:
Yes, I agree that with his famous one inch punch, Bruce Lee could punch as hard as Ali or Tyson.
Having seen the effect of the one inch punch, and having also seen the effect of a heavyweight boxer punching a heavyweight boxer, I have no hesitation in telling you that you're being ridiculous.
I have no doubt Bruce Lee hit very hard, but please have some perspective. Even with a full punch, it'd be extremely surprising if Lee came close to punching as hard as someone like Ali. That kind of farcical statement makes a mockery of his martial arts prowess, because it's actually rooted in his movie star status.

I'll tell you where I got that Chuck Norris story when I remember who told me last year. It's hardly all that surprising, given Norris's competition pedigree. (And larger physical size.)

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