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Wink I can kick Bruce Lee's butt!

You asked:
Does anyone know if he ever looked into or said anything about Aikido?
He is reputed to have made some comment about Aikido being the perfect martial art (or maybe he said it was too perfect) after watching O Sensei do some stuff. I'm sure somebody on this board would be able to tell the story better and even tell us whether it's true or not.

How well do you think you would defend yourself Aikido-wise against an attack from Bruce Lee?
I can honestly say that I've reached the point in my training where a dead guy will not give me any trouble. :-)

What techniques would you think would be most effective against someone with amazing speed, power, and footwork (which gives him almost constant balance)?
Oh, you meant how would I do against him if he were still alive and in good shape. That's easy, he'd kick my butt. :-)

This is just speculation, but it's fun to think about. I'd stay away from techniques like kotageishi and shihonage because I don't think I'd be able to get a handle on Bruce's hands/wrists. That also leaves out ikkyo, nikkyo, etc. Instead, I'd go with kokyo and irimi movements.

-Drew A.
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