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Marshall Sandoz
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Re: Which Dogi?

My first Judo gi was purchased from Century. It has held up pretty well over the past 5 years or so and has only recently started fraying in a couple of small spots on the collar where my beard rubs it. Otherwise it is still in good shape and I still wear it. Our mats are covered in a heavy felt-like carpet so I am constantly picking little blue fibers off of it. I wanted to buy new equipment all around (replaced my red oak weapons with traditional Japanese whit oak already) so I began looking for a dogi that was a bit heavier and of higher quality than what I had. I'm also looking at a new hakama from E-Bogu. It's the Tetron model that is slightly shorter on the inseam than on the outseam. Maybe then I won't trip on the fabric when I try to stand up. As for my old Century gi, well, I'll try dying it blue and keep using it in rotation with the others.
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