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Paula Lydon wrote:
~~I would return full-time to jujitsu, which I trained in for ten years before coming to Aikido (various reasons). I still train on a semi-regular basis with different jujitsu folks (not BJJ).

~~Now for the other shoe, which I've been hiding begind my back: Some of you pursue other arts as well as Aikido, while most of you only speak of knowing what else you'd like to investigate. So...why don't you?
1) I would like to study a koryu system.

2) Their aren't any instructors around within what is a reasonable distance for me right now.

2a) When I found out there was an iaido class going on in my small town I started studying as soon as I could. I love it! I find it and aikido work very well together. Now if only a sensei from a koryu stystem would move near here


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