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Chris P.
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Matt Banks wrote:
Hi there,

Do you think that some styles of aikido try to be too soft and flowing all the time and thus lose practicality of the art due to this? I think this is why a select few view aikido to be inaffective.
Do you feel problem is that there are too many styles out there which concentrate on the flowing side of aikido without first harnising the basics of good hard dynamic aikido first, thus their stlye is more like a dance than effective aikido.
I totally agree (but it's more than just "a select few"). I think that, in order to improve yourself, you need some standard. Too many Aikido people refuse to use competition as a standard, refuse to use effectiveness or effortlessness as a standard. The only standard is fluid motion, with some vague ideas of self-actualization tossed in for good measure.

They seek to cultivate the inner jellyfish. But this is more suitable for spineless creatures suspended in liquid, then for human beings. If you spend years of your life practicing martial arts, and can't avoid a jab, you are not qualified to talk about self-improvement. Learn to walk before you run or you'll eventually fall flat on your face.

OK, I'm done ranting for today.
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