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Matt Banks
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Hi there,

Do you think that some styles of aikido try to be too soft and flowing all the time and thus lose practicality of the art due to this? I think this is why a select few view aikido to be inaffective.
Do you feel problem is that there are too many styles out there which concentrate on the flowing side of aikido without first harnising the basics of good hard dynamic aikido first, thus their stlye is more like a dance than effective aikido. Gozo Shioda worried about this point, he said alot of aikido nowdays was ''hollow'' as people were trying to be too flowy etc without first trying to harness the basics e.g. focused hips ..power etc etc-the components which makes aikido fantastically practical. When I first visited this forum, I couldnt belive how some people were calling aikido soft and inaffective, until I saw some other styles and realised in that case I agreed. The philosophy I always thought was to train hard and really throw people, not just breeze around from the lightest touch. I dont mean use strenght but just apply the tecnique properly. I always thought the time for super flowingness came later in your aikido life when you were more familiar with the basics. Osensei aikido was very direct and powerfull before the war (this is what the yoshinkan's aikido is like) and after the war towards osensei's life he became more flowing as he had a mastery of the basics. Could it be said that, training in a hard direct from the beginging helps someone's aikido to be more practical early on in the aikido training ,rather than training for 50 years in a flowing way then achiving praticality.
The kind of aikido Im talking about are people are Gozo Shioda, Chiba sensei(aikikai), Saito Sensei etc etc.

I hope my question got across correctly, I havent corrected mistakes etc for time. Got to go

Matt Banks

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