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I haven't seen Wendy's video but i don't think the book can provide the kind of visual you need. Same with the Moon video but i think you've already got the idea of that one- slow blending, slow,throw-less technique.

How about starting with a vocabulary of movements we use-easiest katatedori tenkan & irimi, maybe iriminage,shihonage,kaitenage-all these are quite simple when the "element of danger" is removed. I guess i'm repeating what Ian said but it looks like i might actually have more of a clue than i thought!

I've been using ukemi in my solo improv dance, i find a roll comes easily where a kick used to go...will you have mats?

Anyway if you're working with experienced contact dancers i don't think it will be as difficult as it seems...when your seminar gets invited to the west coast can i be your uke?


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