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Freaky! Teaching dancers

I've been studying Contact Improv for a little while. It's a dance form with strong historical and philosophical roots in Aikido. Recently I volunteered to facilitate an informal 2 hour gathering of contact dancers with an eye to giving them a small taste of Aikido. My hope is to spend about an hour on more Aikido-like stuff and then to open into exercises that leave more room for dancing and improvisation.

My question is this:

Do people have ideas of exercises that I could use to get the ideas of Aikido across which
  • Can be done without mats
  • Allow for a lot of movement
  • Focus more on the interaction and movement in Aikido and less on its martial applicability
I know it's a little bit of an oddball request, and I have some ideas that I'm playing with, but any input at all would be appreciated!

Yours in Aiki
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