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Matt Banks
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It is very very helpfull to train in other arts. Im lucky as every month we have something called a ''masters day'' when loads of diffrent martial arts get together at diffrent venues (ive mentioned these before), we learn from each other, spar against each and trying out the other styles tecniques.

I was heavily in to judo,travelling all over england for competion etc etc. When I was younger I was made to go to kendo classes to accompany my older brother for a few years. My main thing is AIKIDO ,yet the shihan of our club when he was alive , was also a 6th dan in datio ryu, so we did alot of training on sundays in that. Most local MA clubs know me, as I like to be a
''wandering jedi'' gaining knowledge from people... ha ha. At the moment Im looking for ground work stuff, today
im training with an organisation called
Tajuka, its sort of a shootfighting club mainly concentrating on ground work.

But my main thing I train 4 nights a week in is Aikido.

Matt Banks

''Zanshin be aware hold fast your centre''
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