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Manuel Ch. Anderson (Pretoriano) wrote:
Youre smart Drew!

thus going farther, interchange "bad student" for one of the many psicological errors all human beings have (greed, envy, violence, etc) and see how it have to come back to you, then, that who is responsabile for its creation have to take care, have to kill, control, save and/or redeem, add some aikido philosophy and it is even more armonious as you suggested.

Good Post Praetorian. So can we say that the Sensei represents an aspect of consciousness, e.g our Avatar or Higher Self. And is it sometimes necessary to cut right through some of our more destructive conditionings in order to preserve the rest of the individual(Society in the story).
Drew Ames (jxa127) wrote:

Personally, I think the student's destiny was to become a great and widely respected monk. The instructor cut short the student's destiny by killing the student instead of using aikido to subdue and pin him -- thus giving him a chance to redeem himself.

But Drew I don't think Aikido existed in the time of the story.
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