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Overly-aggressive instructor, anyone?

Based upon the assumption that it is generally good form in Aikido for Nage to stop applying a technique once Uke has tapped the mat to express that he/she is in pain, it can then be assumed that it is extremely bad form for Nage to continue to apply a technique well beyond Uke having tapped the mat a great many times to express that he/she is in a great deal of pain.

I am also under the impression that it is just as bad form to, as Nage, perform a technique harshly on Uke with full and complete knowledge that Uke is suffering from injuries that will be aggravated by that technique.

Such actions are frowned down upon because they are plainly inconsiderate of another person: one's training partner. But it is even more disturbing when they are performed by an instructor of Aikido, as they not only go against the fundamental principles of love and harmony upon which the art is based, but also betray the trust given to that instructor by his or her students --- the same trust we all give our training partners when we step onto the mats.

Has anyone else encountered this?
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