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These types of interactions that we have from our fellow aikidoka, who we would otherwise most likely never meet, are very precious. This forum allows us to get outside of our narrow daily practice, and opens us to other styles, opinions, etc. I wholeheartedly applaud Jun on his efforts to bring the aikido community together, albeit mostly online (and those wonderful opportunities we get occassionally offline).
Been meaning to get back to this thread. I'm just going to agree with Rachel here because I can't really think of any thing that would add to her already excellent statement.
Last night I met Bronson and Joe from the Battle Creek Michigan group and attended Bronsons class. That too was a ton of fun,
Glad you enjoyed yourself. You were a pleasure to have in class. Hopefully some of us will be able to get over to your place in the not to distant future.
it opened my eyes to different ways of practicing aikido
For those who don't know, this is a nice way of saying I confused the hell out of her

I've met two people now from aikiweb, Rachel and Mark Mueller. In both cases I've been very impressed with not only the aikido but also the quality and character of the person.

If this small sampling is any indication of the the type of people doing aikido across the globe then we have to be some of the nicest folks you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting (we're humble too...just ask us )


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