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Hi everyone,

Wow -- thanks so much for your compliments, support, and encouragement! They're all very much appreciated and you're all welcome, of course. It's been my pleasure creating and maintaining this site.

It's great to have a wonderful bunch of people like yourselves populating this community. Without you, there wouldn't be the vivacious discussions, the witty banter, the occasional (ahem) flamewar, nor the sharing and exchange of our experience in aikido.

I'm glad, most of all, to hear that people have been able to connect with each other, even if just "virtually." I think that if we're unable to get along with people in this aikido world of ours, it'll be difficult to try to do so outside of it. I think the first step is to get together in the aikido world, whether on AikiWeb, physical seminars, or the dojo, and learn to be respectful, open, and receptive to each other's thoughts, experiences, and lives.

So, let's carry on! I'm looking forward to how the current discussions develop and I'm also looking forward to meeting folks on the mat some day.

Best regards,

-- Jun

PS: Yes, there are shirts! They're available in the AikiWeb AikiStore...

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