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This site is terrific! I am beginning to appreciate it even more lately, as I start meeting folks in the flesh who I've already met online through AikiWeb. Three weeks ago I met Mel from Kentucky at a seminar. He was really nice, and was a ton of fun to train with (nice aikido!). Last night I met Bronson and Joe from the Battle Creek Michigan group and attended Bronsons class. That too was a ton of fun, and it opened my eyes to different ways of practicing aikido (also very nice aikido). Bronson recommended someone to sew the kanji onto my hakama (who did an outstanding job), and to make patches for my dojo, which brought me to BC, and then to his class.

These types of interactions that we have from our fellow aikidoka, who we would otherwise most likely never meet, are very precious. This forum allows us to get outside of our narrow daily practice, and opens us to other styles, opinions, etc. I wholeheartedly applaud Jun on his efforts to bring the aikido community together, albeit mostly online (and those wonderful opportunities we get occassionally offline).


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