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Jim ashby
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Hi Colin. First off call me Jim, everyone else does.

To the questions. No, Tom doesn't lead all of the classes. There are other instructors from 4th to 2nd Dan, each well worth training with.

I've been at the Dojo for 12 years now (geez, where did it go?).

There are a lot of people on the mat of all grades but there are three mat areas so, if it gets a bit crowded, there's overspill areas. The teaching environment is formal but not militaristic, with a strong emphasis on basics, even for the Yudansha (especially for the Yudansha!). This is the most friendly club I've been to, we all go for a beer after training and there are lots of seminars and social events. E:G there are seminars with Hayden Foster Sensei, Donovan Waite Sensei, Terry Ezra Sensei etc etc planned for this year, plus the "Big three" in Lowestoft.

The best advice I can give anyone is the same as I was given when I went to see my first Aikido lesson "don't hang about out here, take your shoes off and have a go".

Try looking up our website via the BAB you'll find out about class times, Instructors etc.

Hope to see you on the mat.

Have fun

Vir Obesus Stola Saeptus
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