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Colin Clark
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Phoenix aikido dojo

Mr Ashby,

Could you let me know what you think about your dojo in Coventry? I was wondering what it was like, since I go there (well, 'went' - the class has been moved to Allesley of all places) for iaido lessons (with Tony Janew sensei). I was considering doing some aikido there since I can't do iaido at present any more (and I do aikido at my university club), and also have more free time (just finished playing a run of a musical at the Arts centre). I phoned about a week ago to ask about beginners starting there; I think I spoke to Mr Moss, but I'm not sure. Whoever it was, he seemed really nice, and said beginners were welcome in any class. But there are so many yuudansha! (or so it seems, anyway...)

Would you mind if I asked a few things about your dojo? I was wondering whether Tom Moss leads all of the lessons, and what the teaching environment is like. What kind of level are most of the students? Have you trained there for a long time? Is it very crowded? It always looks pretty busy on a Sunday, but the dojo floor is pretty big, I guess. I just wonder about doing rolls and things and not bumping into people!

Hope you see this sometime... Don't feel obliged to answer all the questions I asked. They just kind of all came into my head at once.

- Colin Clark
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