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Exclamation I'm thinking about retiring from martial arts/aikido...

It only seems to get me in to trouble. I've done martial arts, in some form or another, for over twenty years. I now can do Ikkyo, and i feel i have Aikido 'down' now. Sure I haven't spent every week slaving in some sweaty club, repeating the same patterns over to ad infinitum. But I have been to enough of these clubs, to see how the ego runs supreme in them.

And to all of you who act offended, that i challenge your sacramount, discipline, no your martial art isn't better than any other. Kung Fu, tai chi, chi gung, pastry, running, boxing, splitting, shaking hands, and refusing to shake hands... what about english, spitting lyrics, or telling stories or saying thankyou?

Or watching tv, or playing computer games, or drinking beer, or refusing to smoke cigarettes, or having sex, or making love, all of these are part of the global chi.

Getting to know a woman's body.

I don't need to pay a weekly fee, to get what god gives me for free. I don't need your f ing association, to award me my grandmaster title. Hell i was a chess grandmaster, before martial arts had even stolen this term, And that is the god's honest truth.

Like i said, your martial arts couldn't stop a bullet.

And let me add a disclaimer, this rant isn't aimed at all of you.

For those of your who will stop to buy a big issue, or shake the hand of a big issue seller, someone who has to sleep in the cold, on a door step, i salute you.

But to those of you who have never brought a paper from a homeless man, i really don't have time for you.

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is a gift for all men (and women), from our heavenly father.

But what is that, a promise from beyond the grave.

Slap me, and i will slap you back. Aikido is changing, martial arts are changing. Some of us are sheep. Some of us are commanders,,, which are you?

Rant over.

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