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Re: If there was ONE thing...

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
That's unclear, at least to me. The original question was: "I am a noob at Aikido (2 months). Say (worst case scenario) I woke up in the night and found some scumbag going through my stuff (single story house) what would be the single most important Aikido waza I could learn?" There wasn't actually any mention of, "...assuming my deadbolt/alarm system/other elements of plan have failed". I'm no expert on home invasions, but the observation makes sense to me (i.e., that two months' aikido experience is not a good bet for dealing with a home invasion).
I am not convinced there is a distinction between "Say (worst case scenario)" and "'...assuming my deadbolt/alarm system/other elements of plan have failed'" that is worth making.

I think it is safe to say that two months of Aikido is not going to be much help but it might be better than simply soiling oneself.
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