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Re: IS/IP Styles and results comparisons

Hi Cady,

I was afraid of this, I was trying my best not to step on any toes with my descriptions. But most of the posts didn't seem to give any meaningful comparisons.

I didn't deny that there is some structure training (but we are talking about relative emphasis here as compared to Yiquan). As for dantian, this like Qi is a sensitive topic, which involves a clear set of definitions before a fruitful discussion is possible so I would prefer not go down that road in this post. It is very easy to say that my art is the best art and has everything but I am doing my best to provide what I see as genuine comparison

I Liq Chuan is an effective system, and I respect Sam Chin for what he is trying to achieve in disseminating his art and was really happy that he made a time to see me when I visited Malaysia.


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