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Re: IS/IP Styles and results comparisons

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
You might want to talk with Robert John, who hasn't posted here in a while, who has studied with Akuzawa, met Mike, met with Sam Chin and one of his guys for a while too.

Can you mix and match exercises? Well I guess you can, but I didn't have much success doing that on my own until I had some guidance mainly because I was doing pretty much all of them wrong even when meeting weekly with someone with jin. I've lately been doing a lot of "stretching" and being able to maintain certain whole body stretches throughout various positions. Figuring out how to bend from the kua rather than the waist, and how to keep the shoulders from floating up without holding them in place muscularly as well as trying not to push back with muscles lower than what the other guy is using (as in doing the exercises more properly than I was) has helped me more than trying to collect exercises.
That makes a lot sense. Thank you for the advice. It is hard since there are no regular teachers here. We have seminars but they are on the other islands or I am broke at the time. I try to get info from my dojo mates who attend these seminars.

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