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IS/IP Styles and results comparisons

I am sure this has been done on the forum somewhere but I haven't found it. I was wondering if someone could do a side by side comparison in teaching methodology and resulting changes in the body between the major IS/IP teaching groups, Dan Harden, Aunkai, Mike Sigman and I Liq Chuan. We have a small group on the Big Island that study with Dan (Whom I unfortunately haven't met yet) and the changes they have made are quite amazing. I met Sam Chin Sifu here a couple of months ago and was knocked off my feet( Literally!). He showed us some things to practice (Rocking, Absorb/project) and I have been trying to incorporate that into my training. My only exposure to Mike Sigman has been his dvd (Nice!) and his writings here and on his blog. I recently got the Aunkai dvd and been trying the exercises (Tenshijin just kills my back!) for a little bit.

Our group doesn't get together much due to work and such. I wanted to try and work on this on my own for a bit. I just wanted to see the comparisons and contrasts between these groups.

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