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IMHO, no one gets in trouble for being angry, its how they express that anger that causes the trouble. Holding in or letting out, can cause trouble.

Found a great anger pattern.

Seldom do we get angry unless we have had our feelings hurt. The anger is a positive protective defense reaction. Yet, what would happen if we just said "Ouch" and stayed with the pain? We would get a different reaction. Next time some one is angry, just ask them about their pain. Enter and blend with compassion. Its a great redirect and reframe.

But that's not all.

Most pain comes because we take things personally. Some one has said or done something and we think its about us. Actually, its a statement about them. So what happens if we don't take what other people say or do personally and see it as a simply expression of who they are?

No personal = no pain.

No pain = no anger.

No anger = no problem.

Just a thought.

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