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Bruce Baker
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let the anger go, say it out loud

I, unlike some people have time to ponder the content of the posts, and find ways to adjust the anger that boils up from life's natural turmoil.

It is one thing to get the anger out, and clear the feelings that are disturbing your mind, cluttering up your life, but not to learn from what you have said, why you have said it ... that would be like making the same mistake in Aikido practice without trying to correct it, wouldn't it?

The spirit is an intangible thing that manifests itself in behavior, words, sometimes deeds. Although we try to be martial in our training of Aikido, there is the factor of sitting and talking about it in either roundtable situations, or here in our forums.

There is a catharsis of emotional turmoil that seems to bind some of us together in seeing that we are so much alike that we tend to disagree. I think it is a good thing that we try to help each other by improving, not only our own spiritual wellfare from aikido experiences, but we are concerned enough to reach out to people we have never met.

Are we kidding ourselves?

Or ... is there a better person inside all of us trying to work through the turmoil of modern life that pokes and prods us to manifest anger, a test, to see if we have the right stuff?

The old saying no good deed goes unpunished, is this part of your life, or not?

It is quite appropo to write about the easy way to be for practice, with an open mind, empty cup, and ready for practice, but how much of that is learning to cope with pressures of everyday life as you learn to find this balance and ways to relieve the anger?

I am just about to click fifty and I am just starting to get a handle on a clear mind and spiritual balance, what advice for we give to those who come here, and with pieces of turmoil like "getting slapped by sensei" in the forums, how personal should advice be, and how martial should our goals be?
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