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Re: Kodo Horikawa's aiki

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I'm not so sure that uke is putting any weight on him. Many karateka who do not strike bags/pads feel their own punches in their shoulders and think they are hitting hard, but very little is transferred into their fist and beyond. I think we have the grabbing version of this here. From my experience, tension within uke does not necessarily translate into nage bearing weight.

Would you agree that at least 85% of what is shown beyond 0:47 would not have occurred without a totally compliant uke?
Well, you can see uke tensing up, but yes, that does not mean any real transfer of force, but he's also leaning over and into him, so there has to be some weight transfer going on there. It's the only part of the video that holds enough water that I would want to show it as a valid demo, but we could debate the particulars of that part and never come to any agreement as to just how much force is involved.

After that, nobody in the video was giving Horikawa any resistance, but yes, I do believe that a good bit of what was being done there could be done with a resisting uke, though honestly I cannot say to what degree. I've only experienced a few of those myself.
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