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Re: Gory Gi

Dave Dave - don't you reallize a little blood on the Gi is the ultimate in chic.

Regular washing and it will eventually fade and then (if you are really chic) you'll have to cut yourself shaving or something.

Question - you change into your gi at home for ukemi practice? Personally I would not change and do it in regular cloths. With some people (never happened to me of course ) things that go well in the dojo fall apart outside. Something like how good I sing in the shower as opposed to in public.
Dave Organ (DaveO) wrote:
Lol - sorry about the title. Anyone know how to get blood out of a gi? I've been trying all weekend.

(See, we were practicing with knives, and well, one slipped...

Lol - j/k. Cut my arm at work and it broke open practicing ukemi at home.)

Anyway, hope someone knows; I'd hate to have to buy another one on account of a few ugly spots.


Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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