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Re: Aiki Pointers?

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Stan Pranin over at Aikido Journal has posted a link to Ellis Amdur's article, "Aiki: A State of Union". Ellis talks about kiai. I'd read it before but had forgotten all about it. Thanks Stan.

However, one interesting sentence from the article (pasted below) is in regards to #7. When and why did Ueshiba start hiding his statements (like the one below) in spiritual terms (#7) most couldn't understand?

According to Muto Sensei among Ueshiba Sensei's statements quoted in this diary was the following: "Aiki is a means of achieving harmony with another person so that you can make them do what you want."
I thought that quote was actually by Takeshita Isamu.

Also, I don't have the sources in front of me, but I posed the question a while back about Ueshiba and whether or not he couched everything in the spiritual in the pre-war days and was told that he did.
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