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Re: Aiki Age 'shape'?

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As far as Aiki Age goes, how does the external shape of what happening here conform to the general idea of 'how it's done'?

Ie: is this the way it's generally done, angles and orientation wise? Or is this an atypical presentation, in your opinion?
Angles? Orientation wise? IMO, when you get to that kind of discussion, you're talking about jujutsu principles. Good jujutsu can mimic good internal skills in outward appearances. While doing aiki age with jujutsu or with aiki may look the same, from uke's experience, though, both will rarely be confused as the same thing.

With "internal" aiki age -- someone I know once told me ... how low can you go to make up? (paraphrasing).

Aiki age, to me, is all about intent and what is happening in one's own body. Take the ki society "unbendable arm" example. Quite a few people have stated to imagine the arm as a hose and water is going through the hose, out the arm. When I'm using "intent", I'm saying take the ki society example and put it on steroids -- a more directed, stronger intent throughout the body in contradictory directions and then add intent going down the body into the ground and up into uke.

IMO, this is part of what Ueshiba talked about with heaven and earth. His intent is sinking as far down into the earth as he can and then going out under uke and up into uke. His intent was going up into heaven as far as he can, out over uke and then down into uke. Depending on whether you want aiki age or aiki sage, one intent is more directed and stronger. Now, toss in that you would be in the middle of heaven and earth while doing this and you can see how someone could say they are the bridge between them.

Now, let's say your "intent", concentration, etc are so refined that you feel like you have puppet strings controlling your hands. You feel like you are above yourself looking down. You have a moment where the world slows down, seems semi-dreamy, a type of energy euphoria sets in, and then maybe, you can start to see how someone can say that they can be the avatar for the kami.
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