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Jeffrey Brown
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Various books for sale

The Ancient Secrets of of Aikido - Senta Yamada
Nihonden Daito ryu Aikijujutsu I, II, III - (Japanese language) - Kogen Sugasawa
Aikido (Daito ryu Japanese Language) - Kozui Tsuruyama
Daito ryu Aiki no jutsu (Japanese language) - Kazuoki Sogawa
Aikido Koykyu Ryoku no Tanren (Japanese language) - Kyoichi Inoue
Keisetsu Yoshimura (Japanese language) - Aikido/Daito ryu 2 books can't remember the titles.
Ki Ken Bujutsu - (Japanese language) - Tetsuan Kuroda - includes a section on jujutsu

Post here or shoot me a private message if you are interested in anything.

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