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Re: Finding our own way in and out of Aikido

More seriously, Blair. There are deeper and longer connections than we generally give credit. This is not a question of analogous teachings, but teachings that have a direct historical connection with one another through a very long and complicated journey.

Study the Silk Road. The Shinto Zoka-Sanshin, and the issue/problem of monotheism within Shinto. The Da-Huang manuscripts. The 8th century "Nestorian" Stele erected in the Tang Dynasty capital. Scholarly cross-pollination and cooperative translation amongst Assyrian Christians and Buddhists in 7th-10th cen. Chang'an. Kukai, Sancho and the context of their receptions of the Tantric Dharma at the same place, during the same period. Juuji. (十字) The nature of logos and of kotodama in Shingon and Shinto thought. Empress Komyo's 8th cen. reception of a visiting Persian dignitary. The origin of Maitreya other Miroku sects, and the origin of DaiNichi. Compare nembutsu doctrine and the teaching of unmerited grace in venerating the Holy Name. The connections between Amitabha in Gandhara (Dai-Nichi) and the "Bright Teaching" or "Faith of Light" (JingJiao 景教 -- J. Keikyo). Uzumasa (太秦) (Koryu-ji) and the cultural identity of the Hata (太秦), and the identity of the 7th-10th cen. Christian faith called "of Da Qin" (太秦), later called JingJiao 景教 in China. Isa stories. The origins and probable beliefs of the Hata clan and the significance of the Greco-Buddhist center in Hadda in Gandhara to the Silk Road religious syncretism, and the origin of the first anthropomorphic images in Buddhism there. The immediate confusion of the 16th cen. Jesuit presentation of Christian teaching as a new strain of what most Japanese believed Buddhism was.

Read P. Yoshiro Saeki on the status of the effort to draw these connections together before the War stopped it.


Erick Mead
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