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Re: What Is Love, Aikido Style

Being a westerner who doesn't speak Japanese, isn't conversant with the current culture, and almost completely ignorant of recent Japanese history and culture, I find most of the writings almost incomprehensible. I think that to properly interpret and convey the message, one would have to be steeped in the language, culture and history. I can think of two examples.

We had a Brazilian native visit our dojo and give a BJJ seminar to our students. He spoke very little English, but did his best. He commented to the class that he loved our "hot bodies" and he may have been as puzzled as we were. It turns out that he liked our warm ups at the start of class. That was both a language and culture disconnect.

As a kid I watched an old movie from the late 30s-early 40s and one of the actors watched a beautiful woman walking past and made the comment "That's a beetle if I ever saw one!" John, Paul, George and Ringo hadn't hit our shores yet and I had no idea of what he was talking about. My mom, or some other adult explained that the term "beetle" applied to really attractive and available young women during that time. I had a language, culture and historical disconnect.

I appreciate these discussions and the works of people like Stevens and Amdur for helping make sense of this material.

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