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Sherman Byas
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Surprise Ni Kyu Test!

Saturday's adult class started with everyone grabbing a Jo and going over the first two katas. Sensei made me go over them by myself in front of everyone. Didn't seem to a big deal because he will often have someone do it alone on occasion to check for a glitch or three. Same thing for the first two Bokken kata. Then Sensei showed a technique that involved a brakfall at the end. I don't do well at breakfals but on Saturday he picked on me some more and I did several excellent breakfalls. (A tip to those trying to get the "breakfall thing", Relax!)

To my surprise he then stopped class and had me come out and be nage (or tori) for several techniques. I missed the Ni Kyu test in March because I was out of commision from a car accident. Well I thought this was a review.

Surprise ,after I completed my spirited review (i went over everything on my test) he asked the class how they thought I did and they actually were pretty hard on me. No more so than me on myself. Then he words were "Well that was your test, you are now Ni Kyu." I cried.

Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a thing? Not the crying to all the comedians out there, but the suprise testing. If you are Sensei, have you ever done this before and why?
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